Hi GiL,
I want to click on the enemy and select it as the target, after searching the forum I know that use the Target Settings - Group Target Settings can do this.
But I can't switch the target by clicking on the enemy. The combatant's prefab has the 2D collider, the Raycast Type in Game Settings is Only 2D, and I set the Use Group Target everywhere I can found. NOT use Auto Target in combatant AI settings.
After 5 hours of trying these settings, I still can't make it to work.
high resolution photos
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    @_@ If I deactivate the Hierarchy->DontDestroyOnLoad->_ORK->EventSystem and activate it again, then I can click on the combatant for targeting.
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    If I'm thinking right I asked the same question in this thread. http://forum.orkframework.com/discussion/6039/click-to-attack-diablo-style-realtime-battle#latest

    In my case, I used Mouse Click Input key and bind it with a Control Map
    Control Map Settings
    > Usable In (Select where you wanna use it)
    Add a Control Key
    > Select type and Action Type
    > Only Cursor over target (enabled)
    > Use Cursor over target (enabled)

    In my case i'm using this for Base Attack Ability
    If still not working, check target is in a Raycastable layer & have a collider in it.
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  • @Malith Thanks for the reply :)
    I'm not doing a diablo style game. What I'm trying to do is targeting the enemy by click/touch, and then choose an ability to attack the target.
  • It turns out I have another canvas in the scene.
    I deactivate the Graphic Raycaster in the canvas, now the targeting works.
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