Hello, I am currently implementing custom inventory through scripting.

There are many questions.

1. For the current slot / Max slot,
Is there a way to get the current number of slots in the current inventory?

I wrote the following in the update function.

update() {
maxSlot.text = ORK.InventorySettings.limitValue.value.ToString();

List<IInventoryShortcut> inventory = new List<IInventoryShortcut> ();
ORK.Game.ActiveGroup.Leader.Inventory.GetAll (false, false, true, true, true, false, false, false, -1, false, ref inventory);
currentSlot.text = inventory.Count.ToString();

However, this method seems to be expensive because it creates new objects every time. Is there any other way?

2. Is there a method to check whether individual equipShortcut obtained through above GetAll Function is equipped?
(In other words, rather than checking parts as ORK.Game.ActiveGroup.Leader.Equipment[PART_id].Equipped, i want to know how to check whether each equipShortcut instance is equipped with any part.)

like this. if equipShortcut.equipped == true > UnEquipbutton.Interactable = true; but individual check seems not to exist

3.ORK.Game.ActiveGroup.Leader.Equipment.IsEquipped(EquipSet equipSet, int id, int level, int partID)

I just want to know if the equipshortcut instance is equipped somewhere else
(regardless of the equip's level, part id, i want all-Level).
Should I use the above function?

4. ORK.Game.ActiveGroup.Leader.Equipment[1].Available
What exactly does available mean here?
Is partsetindex returning the index of that part??

5. While playing, I want to pay a certain price (500 gold) and expand the maximum space in the inventory.
Can I do something like this?
And is the limitvalue stored with the save game?
for example. is this code possible??
ORK.InventorySettings.limitValue.value = something;

Thank you!!
  • 1) There are no slots in ORK's inventory.
    The GetAll function doesn't create new objects, it just fills the provided list with the items from the inventory.

    2) Equipped weapons/armors are not in the inventory, i.e. any EquipShortcut obtained from it will never be equipped by a combatant.

    3) Checking if an instance of an equipment is equipped somewhere needs to check the individual equipment parts of the combatant, e.g.:
    if(combatant.Equipment[partID].Equipment == equip)
    partID is the ID/index of the equipment part (e.g. you can cycle through all parts with a for-loop), equip is an EquipShortcut.

    4) Available determines if that equipment part is currently available for the combatant. A combatant always has all parts initialized, if they're available (e.g. due to class/combatant settings or adding temporary parts via other equipment or the event system) can change.

    5) Sure, if you're using the Space Limit options in Inventory > Inventory Settings, you can e.g. use a formula to calculate the limit. This allows you to use a status value of the inventory's owner (when using group inventory, you can also limit that to only use the leader).
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