Hi all,

I'm working on an rpg project in the spirit of Bug Fables and the Paper Mario series. I'm enjoying everything I've learned through the framework so far. I wondering if anyone could help get me started to incorporating Action Commands into the Turn Based Combat system in ORK. I know it would have to do with Battle Action and event nodes, but I need some help knowing what type of event to create and how to link it to a specific ability. I am a novice when it comes to code but it has been fairly easy to pick up ORK with the help of the Game Tutorial.

IE: Turn based combat. Select an attack, walk up to the enemy, "press A to fill up an action bar" and do damage based on the success of the action input.

Enemy attacks, press A with timing to reduce damage

Any help is hugely appreciated, and please feel free to contact me if you have interest in learning about the project!

  • You'd handle stuff like that in the battle event for the attack.

    "wait for input" is one you'll probably want to use where you can check for specific button presses within a time limit to change a variable that is used in the damage calculation of that attack.

    (damage + 'attackmultiplier result')
  • Thank you for your response! Would a command prompt (button prompt animations to guide the user input) be handled in the same event or separate?
  • The event could trigger displaying it, e.g. if it's a HUD set up in ORK, you can trigger displaying it via game variables and the HUD's display conditions, or use a function node to call some custom functionality.
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