How can I set up "enchantment points" as a status value where a certain number of points are required to equip each enchantment?

The enchantments should function essentially as "armor" or "gear." The only limit to how many the player can equip is Equipment Points, which can be optionally upgraded on Level Up. Fairly identical to the "badge" system in Paper Mario.

Currently I have them set up as armor, but I can't get EP or "enchantment points" to work as a resource that limits their equip.
  • Hm, try having the enchantment points as a Normal type status value.

    Your equipment can use the Equip Requirement to check for the EP being high enough, but don't use Auto Unequip.
    To reduce the EP for equipped things, add the 'consumed' EP as a negative status bonus to the equipment.

    E.g. an armor needs 3 EP, so your equip requirement checks for EP Is Greater Equal 3 and has a Custom Bonus of -3 EP (or you can set up bonus templates for the various EP consumptions in Status > Status Bonuses and use those).
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