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I'm using Unity 2020.1.1f1 and the free version of ORK to learn the ropes and see if it is right for my project.
I'm currently working through the Game Tutorials and have run into a problem.
While testing battles, with the exception of one time, both the player and enemy combatants die in one hit from any attack, physical or magical, regardless of the amount of damage taken. The one time that did not happen, I'm not sure what the difference was, perhaps the combatant countered.

My relevant (as I understand them) settings are:

-Status>Status Values>HP>Base Settings:
>Death On On Minimum
>Start Value 100
>Set In Percent

The Player has a starting level of 5, which gives him 552 health and 24 ATK + the equipped sword's ATK (15) for a total of 39ATK.

The enemy has a level of 5, 400 HP and 22 DEF.

When these are run through the formulas for physical damage used in the tutorial, the result is the expected 69 damage dealt from player to the enemy in one physical attack. This shouldn't kill the enemy and end the battle! Likewise, the enemy consistently does 36 damage to the player on a basic physical attack, but the player dies instantly. Am I missing something really simple here?
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  • Have you already set up the flying texts to visualize the damage numbers? Should be game tutorial 19.
    If yes, are the displayed damage numbers what you expect them to be?

    What's the minimum value for the HP (via the max status value)?
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  • Yes, I've set up the flying text and confirmed by testing in battle that the damage dealt is exactly what should be expected using the formulas created.
    Status>Status Values>Max HP>Base Settings>Minimum Value is 0.
  • Check your Critical Hit settings. Try disabling them and see if this still happens.

    Had this same issue a while back and that ended up being the problem.
  • Thanks, I'll give that a try!
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