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  • Yeah ... this switched a bit over to being a long-term project again, so don't expect any results soon. It'll be more an ORK 4 thing and not ORK 3.
  • This'll require custom scripting, as that's not part of ORK or Makinom. Makinom got some networking nodes for web requests, though - maybe that's enough to get this going.
  • In the same settings (Input Settings of the UI Box component), set both Horizontal Input Change and Vertical Input Change to 0. This'll use Unity's direction-based input selection.
  • Not sure I follow what you mean. The turn start schematics (set up for the combatants) are executed on every combatant's turn when their turn starts and has access to the combatant via the machine object of the schematic.
  • 1) None of the images seem to be working or they have been removed. Anyway, destroying the game object is pretty straight forward - it'll be destroyed, so conditional prefabs have no impact on that.
  • Tested this and this indeed happens if you only make those changes. However, since this is a teleport battle (i.e. battle starts in one scene but loads into another to do the fighting), you need to enable Spawn Machine Object in the Load Scene node …
  • Use/affect ranges - yeah, you can set up different ranges to use based on battle systems. The first range it finds that can be used in the current situation (e.g. in field vs in turn based battles vs in real time battles) will be used. If you only u…
  • I'll do some test.
  • As said via email and in case others have a similar issue: This is coming from 2 combatant setups having the same GUID - loading will use the first combatant with that GUID, turning both combatants into the same kind. Having the same GUID can only …
  • 1) Is Locked Battle Member is something different than locked field leader - it refers to a battle member that can't be switched out. So, checking Is ORK Player and Is Battle Member is enough. For the switch schematic it's actually enough to use De…
  • The cast time is what you set it up to be. For something like this with changing cast times based on some conditions, you'll usually use a formula for the cast time. The formula can check for the condition (e.g. Check Status node) and change the res…
  • There isn't really a built-in way to set up movement pattersn like this out of the box. One way would be to change the grid cell types depending on who's turn it is. E.g. having the entire grid not be moveable and only changing the cells you need t…
  • ORK doesn't do that unless it's told to do so (i.e. spawn something, there are no settings specific for spawning a camera and adding post processing). I suspect this is part of your player's prefab?
  • Pretty simple, this will open the menu screen with ID index (there's are also a Get function to get via GUID string): ORK.MenuScreens.Get(index).Show();
  • Hm, hard to say - are you sure there are only 1v1 combatants in battle? E.g. the 2D grid battle tutorial has combatants directly placed on grid cells that'll be part of the battle. If you just changed the setup a bit you might have overlooked removi…
  • In the Input Settings of the UI Box component - there's the Add Placed Input button at the end of those settings (or already added buttons listed below that with their settings).
  • Could depend on the setup of the game object you want to move/change position. E.g. if it's using a NavMesh agent, that could overrule position changes - in which case you should use the Nav Mesh Agent move component, or use the NavMesh Warp node in…
  • 1) A locked field leader is a somewhat special case. First of all, when starting battle where the field leader isn't part of the battle group, you'll need to destroy the player in the battle start schematic if you want it to be gone. You can use a …
  • @kickat3000 You can open multiple Makinom editors, i.e. also open multiple schematics (one in each).
  • No, that's currently not possible. It's on my todo list for future updates, though :)