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  • Oh thanks ! i'll give it a try :), didn't realize how this can affect performances, but yeah seems legit now :)
  • Oh, i didn't even try before asking such a stupidquestion thanks for your answer :)
  • Sorry, this wasn't clear, I meant something like, the player is able to chose the ingrédients in game and doesn't have to follow the premade recipe made with the editor
  • As far as i remember, you have event steps that remove or add some controls components, you could disable the base movement component at the start of the battle and enable the battle move component and then at the end of the battle enable the base c…
  • Not happening here, did you enable the wait while fading, happened to me once when i forgot to check that boolean, since it's the last step, it could cause a bug when you try to fade something and don't wait to be fully finished before executing nex…
  • I had hard times trying to understand programming i know your feels, if i remember correctly, the way to access the status of a combatant is to first get the combatant, you have helpers, then you can do _combatant.Status[id].GetValue() for example :…
  • For sure, in the Menu Screen Tab, in your overview you can add a menu item, this menu item can be save/load or something like that, this way you can save via Menu
  • If i remember correctly, if you use the change position node for your prefb to follow the enemy you can check "follow transform" or something like it to make the prefab follow the position of the target if it's moving
  • I finally managed to make the save system on Unistorm ! For those interested i post my code, with this you can save your game and when you load it back, you will have the last hour, minute and day loaded ! :D using UnityEngine; using ORKFramework; …
  • Hello guys, any news about this ? Cheers
  • The demo comes in the package by default just doublie click it once ORK imported and it will install the demo
  • Nah I mean I have only one combatant that contains this object variable ^^
  • I have only one combatant that has an object variable component automatically attached when the game starts, the variable key is "player", it's a bool, so the value is true, when i check the variable in the AI i check this value and if success i use…
  • Okay EDIT again : Now it restarts to bug and attack others and each time i open ORK Framework it asks me to save the BattleAI Tab..
  • I tried and it changes nothing, my enemy sometimes just does nothing at all all the battle long and if i use check he attacks all my party .. EDIT: Okay fixed it by using Conditions instead of Variable maybe it's a bug or maybe it's how it works bu…
  • I'm totally for this could bring a lot of things like enemies that explodes and deal damage when they die :)
  • I check the variable at the start of the AI but i use the check and not clear, maybe it's the problem, my variables are set to my combatants since they are object variables , my AI is like this : CheckObjectVariables/Success/Random/Ability1orAbility…
  • Problem solved thanks a lot :)
  • I used to have problems like this before, I solved them by unchecking block player controls at the event settings, then your player controls won't be blocked at all which can be a problem but easily solvable just place a node to block player control…
  • using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using ORKFramework; public class BattleSystemSwitcher : MonoBehaviour { public string useActiveTimeVariable; public string useDynamicCombatVariable; void Update …