Every typical action RPG, Diablo, Pathof Exile... uses this control scheme:

left click on ground to move
left click on enemy to perform basic attack

If I do this in ORK it won't work right. Clicking to walk works fine.
If I define the left click in control maps for the basic attack as attack button, the player character won't walk anymore obviously. So what I do is I change the target settings to "use cursor over target" so left click is only used as attack whenever I have the mouse over an enemy.

This SOMEWHAT works. I can click around to move and when I click on a target he kinda attacks but also tries to move at the same time because of the click. constantly running into the enemy (this is not the case if I set the attack button to anything else).

How can I make sure that using the left mouse as attack button over a valid enemy does not also make the player run into it and makes him perform the attack 100% of the time.

turning off player control somehow whenever I hit attack over valid target for that short amount of time? or making the target somehow bigger? (is the problem that I am over a valid target but he also tries to move there)... I really am at my wits end here. Help would be appreciated.
  • lol, ok I think writing this helped me. I used Navmesh now for the player character and set it to stop distance 2 and that seems to do the trick.

    I leave this open anyway, because maybe someone (maybe GIL) has a better idea to make this work perfectly.
  • There are settings for this in the control map keys :)
    Enable Only Cursor Over Target and Use Cursor Over Target in your mouse click attack to limit using it when the cursor is over a target (and use it as a target for the attack). Can optionally be limited to targets within use range of the attack.
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  • Thank you!
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