I have a nice asset that does custom loading screens with tips, images, progress bars, etc. and want to integrate it with ORK. To use it you add a line referencing it in any script that uses SceneManager.LoadScene, replacing SceneManager basically with LoadingScreenPro.LoadScene(string).

In ORK, that's handled by the SceneTarget.cs script, right? I tried to edit that and recompile the ORK .dll in Visual Studio 2017 but of course started getting some namespace missing errors as soon as I added my lines. Adding the namespace used by Loading Screen Pro results in further errors that seem to becoming from "using UnityEditor" in one of the scripts.

I'm definitely fresh to coding, so I know I may either be missing something simple like references or trying something actually impossible.

Any assistance would be appreciated!
  • Unity has 2 separate script parts: gameplay and editor - everything within an Editor folder is part of the Unity editor and can't be part of any gameplay code.

    I.e. if you can't add any editor scripts (or references) to the gameplay code.
    If you're adding your 3rd party scripts to ORK (or reference it in the project), you'll need to omit all editor related classes.

    I'll look into adding a Custom scene change type to support these kind of solutions in the future :)
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  • Ah, ok, that makes sense. I was reading later in other Unity forums and saw a similar explanation of the Editor folder vs gameplay code and figured that might be my issue.

    Thanks for the clarification!
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