Hi Gil! I have a question.

I am using new UI.
We know that setting of GUI BOX image can be set with Menu Settings / Default GUI Box Settings.
Is there a way to set multiple button images?
For example ...
You can set the default GUI Box Setting on the menu screen, but you want to make different setting in the battle etc.
I want to do various button variations.
Please give me some advice.

Best regard.
  • Search the settings of the various ORK framework sections for "custom layout" "own layout" "own GUI" "own buttons" etc.
    Most elements that utilize UI parts have an option to override the defaults.
  • thank you for the advice.
    What I am worrying about is how to set custom button images on GUIBOX.
    Do you overwrite at the event? How?
    I want more advice.
  • Each GUI box can override the default GUI box settings, you can find them in the Override Default Settings at the bottom of the GUI box settings.
    You can't have a GUI box look different when using it in a menu screen or a battle menu, though. The only thing you can do here is define different content layouts and override the used button prefab/skin and icon sizes.
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  • Ok Gil!
    I found over ridesettings from guisettings.
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