I was wondering if there was a setting to have a combatant join at or near the players level? I thought there was, but when I click modify the level settings or class level settings in add combatant they don't seem to work at all. I can only seem to set the level at the end at the join active group stage(and that is limited in that you can only say add it at level 5, 10 or something specific when I want it to basically look at the player level and base off of that) and it seems to ignore the settings I put into the add combatant part of the event.

The idea would be to have a variable party that you can remove certain roles from and add others to create custom groups. But I would prefer if these potential group members came in at or near the current player level.
  • Hm, yeah - that seems to be missing, I'll add the more complex level settings (e.g. from the Initialize To Level node) to the Join Active Group node in the next update.
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  • Cool thanks. Will let me try out the idea I have and more group flexibility without the agonizing choice of: well I can try that, but I will have to level it up ugh.
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