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GiL, I just want to verify if this is currently possible. You said it's possible to do a day/night cycle with ORK. Is it possible to do so that certain monsters only appear at night and disappear during the day?
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  • Yup, that's possible using Game Variables.

    In detail it'll depend how you're doing your day/night cycle - e.g. when using a (float) game variable for the hour of the day (let's name it 'hour'), you can add variable conditions to your battles/enemies/spawners (whatever you're using in your game) and make them dependent on the hour of the day.
    Like, night would be 'hour' > 20 and 'hour' < 6 ... or something like that :)
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  • Great to know that it's possible. Thanks for the explanation! I appreciate it.
    Since I'm still weak at using game variables, I'll wait until you eventually get to that part of the tutorial so I can have a better understanding of it.

    Resolve, and close :)
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