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Thanks for the great work , I just try , But Meet with difficulties,
1. How to change combatant name there isn't in activeGroup,
I saw have a setCombatant event setp,But this method only can change the active play and combatant that passed by ator,
CombatantsSettings combatantsSettings= ORK.Combatants ;
CombatantSetting combatantSetting = combatantsSettings.Get(0);
combatantSetting.GetContent().text="New Name";
string name = combatantSetting.GetName();

// But the name is old name ,

2. How to stop the music and audio by script ?
I try below code,
ORK.Audio .volume=0;

but can not stop audio that from event PlaySoundStep , I want stop all music and audio.

3. When I add some info to ORK at run time by my script code , Can I save the ORK info to file at play time, like save full ORKProject.asset file at runtime?
Item item= ORK.Items.Get( ORK.Items.Add());

4. Can I call an event step from my script code. I just know call a global event via script code.

5. I define some "Scene Objects" items in editor, Where or when to use these items, and how to use ?

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  • I'm curious about how to do this in script too if you wanted to--to stop the music and audio. : )

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    Stopping music:


    Or fading it out (e.g. linear for 1 second):

    ORK.Music.FadeOut(1, EaseType.Linear);

    Stopping the playing sound is a bit more complex, as you'll need to get the object that is playing the sound. The sound is played using Unity's standard audio component AudioSource, which also has a stop function. If you want to stop all sounds, it's probably best to search for all audio sources in the scene and stop them all, e.g.:

    AudioSource[] audio = GameObject.FindObjectsOfType<AudioSource>();

    Now you only need to go through the audio source array and call the Stop function on all of them.
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