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Just like the title says, do you think an RPG game can do well without Items and Gear? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  • I would say not as well as with them from seven years of game-making experience. When I was making Quest expansions, which you can embed in the base Quest game so you can keep all your items and gear you ever found forever and forever--players loved and still love to hoard their items and gear and if they accidentally drop one they might cry. One of my rewards for bug finding has always been an item named after the player who found the bug and have had many players trying their hardest to find bugs and loving their items. : )

    That's just my experience.
  • Do you think the gear has to be represented physically on the player model? Or is having it equipped on a paper-doll enough?
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    I think all that's important is that the player can see the gear in their inventory. : ) And a paper doll would be fine. They just like to collect things. : ) And level it up--for example if you can turn a low power armor into a higher power armor via forging or getting a quest reward that does that, it can be very thrilling. : )

    You don't even need 3d or 2d prefabs for them--just finding them in a chest via an event or getting them as a quest reward or otherwise is satisfying. : )


    I've seen really good rpg games criticized perhaps unfairly for not having an inventory with items or gear.
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  • Possible? Yes.
    Wanted? Probably not :)

    Getting new stuff, collecting stuff, searching stuff - that's a really motivating game mechanic and keeps the players happily playing your game for hours and hours. Also adding quests or forging of new equipment can bring hours of gameplay into your game with very little effort.
    At least when it comes to equipment, collecting 10 kinds of potions isn't that thrilling, but a new shiny sword that boosts your stats, that's always a good thing.

    And I'm with Cat on the physical representation - it's nice to have, but not really that important.
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  • Everything's possible as long as there is a good reason for it. With that said, I love gear and loot. There are RPG's that have tried toning it down, like for example FFVIII which removed most gear and replaced them with equipping magic. It still kept that good feeling of collecting things however.

    My point is: As long as the player can collect something at all, it's all fine and dandy. Gear however is probably the most easiest form of collectible to add in almost any game. :D
  • How much and what quality a visual that gear and loot have are very important. If you seek commercial success you must read the reviews for your genre and platform and design your game accordingly.

    My platform is the PC. I subscribe to PCGamer magazine and I read the RPG reviews. Fair or not, my game will have to impress the reviewers, and that means a variety of loot and "vanity" views of it on my character, on a paper doll, and in game. I don't have to knock their socks off with it, but it needs to be substantial.

    Your platforms may be more forgiving, but mine is not, and I give a great deal of thought into marketing, and while not dominating my design, marketing is a must consideration.

    I very much need these things, at least to a satisfactory standard.
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