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With the new Unity UI, is anyone still using NGUI as a plugin? Or any other custom ui package for Unity? Any reasons to? Just curious.
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    At the moment NGUI is much more powerful simply due to the amount of tools released for it through the past 1-2 years.
    But I imagine that UT will push and upgrade UGUI with all their might, so many of us will become UGUI converts sometime in 2015. They'll probably integrate UGUI so deeply within Unity5 final that its adoption will be nearly inevitable.
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    Like Gregorik says, NGUI is still the better choice at the moment, simply due to having been out in the wild longer, and thus less unexpected bugs. When I entertained the thought of using UGUI at work, all of the engineers recoiled violently. :D

    Give it time though. I'm really loving the UGUI support for ORK.
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