I'm looking for someone who is very comfortable with using the ORK framework to help me get started with it. I'm building a game that requires a lot of reduction / customization and I have tons of questions - I could spam the forum with all of them but a) the forum would look pretty bad with tens of my threads and b) average response time is slower than I'd hope for.

Ideally I'd find someone in an European time zone who also uses Skype (text), I don't know what an appropriate payment plan would be but I'm sure we can figure something out. I'd basically want to spam the person with my questions and get timely (as in within a couple of hours during reasonable EU times) answers / hints, I'm not looking for someone to build the game for me nor do I need instant 24/7 support.

Thanks for reading!


For context, I want all the world stuff gone, the game will be menu / point and click driven, so most of my questions will revolve around achieving that (I've posted two of them in the support forum already).
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  • If you don't find the person you need, just have patience and ask questions here. A lot of us are comfortable using ORK but not all of us are always at our computer to help answer questions and we are in different time zones. I'm about to go to bed. And I have a death in our family so I can't be at my computer all the time right now to reasonably answer questions in a timely manner.

    Most of us who are comfortable using ORK will try to answer your questions and gamingislove will always answer your questions.

    But good luck with finding someone to help you.
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    I'm sorry to hear about your loss, you seem to be a good, helpful person. I don't want to come across as impatient or ungrateful, I'm not regretting my purchase one bit. It's just that I'm itching to get started "for real", due to a (hopefully temporary) neurological issue I'm getting nauseous when scrolling the ORK editor's tabs, so it has taken me about a week to even finish the tutorials.

    The inventory/equipment, the ATB, character systems and formulas are exactly what I need but I'm hesitant to put in work / content there until I know that I will end up using ORK in this game for sure - for that I need to clear a couple of roadblocks first, so right now I'm just waiting. Normally, I'm comfortable figuring out stuff on my own but in this case, I'm not even sure how to get started.
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  • best way to get started is just follow the tutorials they follow this stuff.. if you want to get really good at using ork just go through it a few times an you'll get a good feel for it.
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