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I miss u ;)

- I have some icon with size 128px width & hight , how can i make it fit in my 64px GUI without re sizing all of them?

- How can i update EXP bar directly in run time before battle end ?

- How can i control speed of spell?

- Where can i add general variable ?

- How can i call function in C++ attached to gameObject component from ORKframework Event editor?

- Where can i setup to move player when click on the ground in framwork editor ?

that is enough today ;)
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  • Depends on where you're using the icons. The Combatant HUD's Shortcut elements e.g. have the options to scale the image. Otherwise (e.g. displaying the icon in buttons) there's currently no scaling available.
    I think you should be able to do that by changing the import settings of your icons (max size).

    The EXP bar is updated when the experience of the combatant changes, otherwise there's no need for it :)
    If you want to receive battle gains (exp, items) immediately when killing an enemy, there are settings for that in the Battle Gains Collection of the individual battle system settings.

    What do you mean with speed of spell? E.g. if you're using Cast Time, there are settings for that in the ability's setting. Otherwise it's mostly up to your battle event animating the ability.

    What's a general variable? If you're refering to global game variables - you can e.g. set up Initial Game Variables in Game > Game Settings.
    If you're just talking about the variable key, you don't need to set them up before you can use them. Just use the key when you need it, e.g. in a Change Game Variables node. However, you can define variable keys to fill the variable dropdown in the editor in Editor > Variables.

    There are the Function Steps for calling functions in other components, e.g. the Call Function step.

    Player controls are set up in Base/Controls > Game Controls in the Player Controls settings. Select the Mouse control type for a click/touch control.
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  • Very Very thanks my brother
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