I'm trying to get a real-time battle enemy to run towards me and attack within range.
I've followed the tutorials exactly and the Move AI, Battle AI, Target Position Check settings are all the same.

At first the enemy would attack in just any direction at any distance.
I fixed that by setting the Target Settings for his attack to Enemy-Single.

The enemy patrols without issue.
But once he sees the player, he keeps starting and stopping as he advances.
Once he's in melee range he behaves normally again.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance as always.
  • Tampering with Battle Settings>AI Settings>Action Settings>Timeout(s) on the enemy combatant makes at least some difference.

    But there doesn't seem to be a happy medium.
    Setting it too low results in the stammering advance towards the player.
    Setting it too high means he can't attack at a reasonable rate.

    Is it the Hunt Move AI's Detection Settings/Intervals that's causing this?
    Or can the Attack Event be altered in some way?
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    Could be the enemy detection ranges - I'd recommend using thresholds for your ranges.
    Or it may also be the combatant using a None action (i.e. do nothing) without an enemy in range of an attack/ability, if you're using a battle event to animate that (set up in the combatant's settings) that could also cause that behaviour.
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