I've been experimenting with the Class system in Ork.

I made myself a simple class system, but through exploring, I stumbled upon a question.

Is there a way to implement sub-classing into Ork?

For my specific project, a character can choose from three possible classes (let's say Mage, Warrior, and Healer for clarity's sake)

Each class has a max level of 100 and gains a separate EXP type outside of the character's base level progression.

I wanted to try having a system where you can "sub-class" one of those three classes by choosing one of the three as a primary class (one where you actively level) and a secondary class, which is another class that serves only to provide the bonuses and abilities that class uniquely has.

Given this scenario: Primary Class: Warrior - Sub Class: Healer.

The caveat to this system would be:

- Your subclass may be no greater than half of the level max of your Primary class.

So if Healer was maxed out to 100 and Warrior is at 50. Your healer subclass can only be 25.

This would mean that the character would only have access to the abilities and bonuses of the healer class up level 25.

If this requirement is not breached, the subclass may be the highest level possible: (Warrior 50 + Mage 10 is O.K.)

(I believe a similar system was used in Final Fantasy 11 :D)

My question is if there is a system setup method in ORK that would allow this sort of request?

If not, would anyone have some suggestions for approaches that I could utilize in order make such a feature possible?

In the meantime, I shall explore further!

Thank you very much!
  • Well, most of it should already be possible, with the exception of limiting the level of the sub class.

    While combatants can have multiple classes and freely change between them, you can only have one class active at a time. However, you can keep the bonuses/abilities from the other classes (or remove them). Only limiting the other class levels isn't possible currently.
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  • Gotcha!

    I understand what you mean about the lack of class level limit, but everything else is okay.

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