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I've setup a combo for 3 base attacks , it says they will be used in sequence but it's always the first base attack that is used i want to use attack1>attack2>attack3 in sequence and then return to attack 1
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    Pasted from PMs with somebody that I helped who was having trouble with combos as well; hopefully you can find the answer to what you're missing in here:


    You select the skills in the weapon. Let's say 'SwordSlash1' and 'SwordSlash2' would be the two Added Attacks in the weapon. Make sure that the second part of the combo (SwordSlash2) is on TOP of the Added Attacks in the weapon, so that it is assigned Attack Index 1, while SwordSlash1 below it is assigned Attack Index 0.

    Then in the ability settings, just assign SwordSlash2 an availability time, of say, .25 seconds. So if you press your key twice in succession, it'll go SwordSlash1 > SwordSlash2. (Provided your control map is configured correctly.)

    Did you make an entire control map for the key instead of adding new Control Keys in one Control Map? Make sure that the Control Key with Attack index 1 is above 0 in the control map as well. And then, of course, make sure your combatant is set to use the control map in question.

    Additionally; make sure that Reset index on the control Key is ONLY selected on your second attack (Attack1). It'll reset your index back to 0; so you can use "Attack" again.
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  • Thanks for sharing! This is something I may look into in the future.
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