More of a design question, and if it's a feature on ORK.

I have some enchant effects that I want to attach to the weapons, the method I m thinking is just having all the effects attached to the weapon prefab (every each one of them) disabled, and then enable the desired effect by events according to the enchant I want to apply (fire, ice etc.).

Is there any better method with ORK?

Another Question is about applying the event to the correct Weapon. My goal is to have a scroll with the enchant I want, let's say the "Enchant Fire Scroll" when I press on it to have a menu screen open, drag my desired weapon in a slot, press Enchant, and have the weapon enchant. Right now with the event system, I can only enchant the equipped weapon, is there something I miss?

thank you.
  • I don't think there's currently a better way to do this - ORK's enchant system works with status effects, i.e. they're applied to the combatant, not the weapon.
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