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Hello everyone!

There are two things I need some help with for the Navmesh in Makinom please.

Here is my objective:

This schematic should loop to allow constant movement of the navmesh agent (enemy) either to random waypoints or to the player.

It works but isn't exactly as I need. Here are my 2 main problems.

1. Randomly have the Navmesh agent (enemy) move to player. Not follow always, just go to the Player position randomly, if player is still at the position than he's hit but if not, the navmesh agent will just move to a random point.

Currently they do not go to the player position at all, they go random waypoints.

2. Have the Navmesh agent (enemy) choose better random waypoints. They tend to go around randomly at first then just stay in one spot and do not go to other random waypoints. Sometimes when they stay in one spot they will move elsewhere but it is VERY rare.

I have read the tutorial http://makinom.com/tutorial/survivalshooter/04-enemy-mechanics/ Since my enemies are just obstacles in game I couldn't follow the schematic as I had hoped.

Here is my schematic picture -

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
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  • Hm, the schematic looks good, the only issue I can spot is the remaining distance check being a bit high. If the destination is 3 or less world units away, that'd always trigger finding a new destination - depending on the Vector3 Multiply node's multiplication value that could result in always staying on the spot in many occasions, and never going near the player's position.
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    Thank you, i will test this.

    Ok good thank you this is better. I lowered the Radius value on the Local Variable component. They now move around much more often.

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