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Can I have the usual <-/-> keys swap around a shortcut bar?
I want to switch the battle menu with a Shortcut menu, so the menu can be up only when my players have a certain status, But so far the arrow keys/D-pad doesn't work to walk among the shortcut selection.

If there is a way that the battle menu is active only when combatant have a status that would work too, but I can't find this option.

Is there a way to deactivate battle menu via script?
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  • Well you can set up some Requirements to only display a battle menu when the players have that status.
    Shortcuts aren't designed to work that way.
  • @Klep that's the first thing I tried, But the only thing that have display requirements is HUD, i can't see to find it on the menus!
  • Oh right, that's because it's hidden by default.
    If you select a menu from Menus>Menu Screens, you'll see a checkbox in Base Settings labeled Use Call Key.
    When you check that box, a Requirements option appears.
    There's lots of hidden properties/options in the ORK Editor.
    When in doubt, click on things and see if other things appear. :P
  • @Klep Ty for the tip!!
    But since i'm talking about a Battle Menu, it seems that the option is not available there! Or maybe I couldn't find it @.@
  • The battle menu can't be based on a status requirement. The individual battle systems have settings to either automatically call it upon a combatant's turn or not, but not to base it on stats.

    Anyway, switching between shortcut bars can be done using global events using the Change Shortcut List node.
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