I've split my terrain into chunks with SECTR now my main charaters wlak/run animations have stopped working, other scenes without SECTR splitting still work fine. The character still moves around but if I press jump it sticks in the jump animation playing it over and over. It feels like the character does not recognise the terrain anymore. Has any else had this problems when using SECTR?
  • Not really, I use SECTR without problem.
    Make sure the terrain layers in terrain chunks are correct. You might have ORK setup to respond to something like ground layer and terrain chunks could have been generated on default.

    Other concern is that make sure ORK starter and stuff like that is not part of any child scenes.
  • Thanks, it turned out when I removed the region loader it worked so it had to be the camera which is the problem. I am using ootii camera controller which snaps to the player once the player is spawned in the scene only the actual starting position of the camera was a long way off from the spawn point. I set the camera to near the spawn point and everything worked as it should :-)
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