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Here is a video I recorded: https://streamable.com/t3tskn

You can see it load in at about the 3 second mark and for a split second it showcases an angle that is in the top right of my scene looking down on where it should be at. (You can see a flash of 3 lights that are the spotlights for my monsters.)

I'm wondering if anyone knows why this may be? Would it have to do with having a spawn location of -1? I do not have a player in this scene.

Here's my settings for the Event: image

Any help is appreciated. I also do not have any other Cameras in this scene, nothing is tagged main camera either besides the camera I want to be displayed. Conversely I guess another solution would be figuring out a way so these spotlights don't render on the fade. Again any help is appreciated.
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    Is it the angle that the camera starts off at in that scene?
    It does take like 1 frame to move the camera into position.
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  • The only Camera in the scene starts off and is positioned essentially where I'd like it to spawn in, I don't have any other Cameras in the scene so not sure why it would be flipping to that angle for a split second.
  • Just posting to say it somehow resolved itself by just replacing the Camera I had in the scene altogether, not totally sure what triggered that but I'll keep an eye out. Thanks!
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