Hi everyone, I’m new to the community, I’ve always wanted to try and make my own game and I decided to use ORK for this reason, I have a question tho, I would like to create an area with a random encounter rate every time you take a step (like the caves in the Pokémon games) and I would like to know how to do it.
Sorry for the noob question but I’m still new to this and I couldn’t find anything in the forum that helped me
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    You would create a Turn Based Combat Area and then tweak the settings. It's part of the tutorial, have you done it yet?

    If you want the battles to take place in a seperate arena you would have a Battle Start event Store the current Scene and teleport the player to a battle scene that's set up the way you want. Then on the Battle End event you load the stored scene.
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  • Yes i'm doing the tutorial right now, i'm at tutorial 29 "Active Time Battles", maybe the thing i'm looking for is later in the tutorial? Thanks for the help anyways, i'll try tweaking the setting as soon as i open Unity
  • What you're looking for are the Random Battle Areas, and they're used in tutorial #29 :)

    If your battles should take playe in a different scene, check out this gameplay tutorial.
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  • Thank you so much, should’ve waited a bit before asking the question lol, I’ll go on with the tutorials then :)
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