"Mark New Item" option is awesome, but how to unmark items that I already saw? When I Hover mouse cursor on item, Tooltip shows Item's icon and description. How Can I do something like this - when I hover mouse cursor on item, this "new mark item" Custom Skin is dissapearing?

Please for help :)
  • Unmark New Data: Select if and when new data will be marked as seen (i.e. removing new data mark):
    - None: Doesn't unmark new data.
    - View: When viewing the data (e.g. in a menu list).
    - Selection: When selecting the data (e.g. selecting/highlighting the choice in a menu).

    This is below the Mark New Item option. Does this not solve your issue?
  • Ohh right, thanks!
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    I check this, but marked item is still marked.

    EDIT: Nevermind, it works :D Thank you very much :)
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