I'm trying to set up my battles so that there are 4 battle spots, but certain flying characters can't be attacked from the ground and are vulnerable to attacks in the air, etc. Would I use advantage spots to achieve this or have enemies with flying or ceiling states have their own special battle spots and events that trigger phasing between them?
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    If you mean achieve enemies that can't be targeted by melee attacks, then you would have to set something up like this :

    1. A defensive attribute defining the flying creature as 'flying'
    2. Set up a requirement for melee attack abilities that the enemy does not have the flying attribute (this prevents flying enemies from being the target of these abilities)
    3. Have the damage formula for attacks that are good against flying enemies check for a 'flying' attribute and do X extra damage.

    Advantage spots are for things like starting a battle with initiative. Battle spots, I think, Have no effect on the actual battle mechanics. That's just where Ork places the combatants.
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  • Yeah, what @Wrofir said was correct :)
    However, it migth be better to use a status effect instead of an attribute, in case you want to e.g. implement flying support magic to easily add this mechanic to combatants on the fly (pun not intended).
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