turn based rpg I have an idea but I haven't tested it so could someone HELP
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  • turn based rpg
  • you are in the right place
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  • could you help me figure out how to make a turn based rpg system also nice game
  • It's going to take some time to learn Ork, it's very powerful but there's a lot you need to learn.

    The best way to learn right now is to take on the short game tutorial made by GIL found here :


    It covers almost everything you need to make a turn based rpg. Inventory, Quests, Dialogue, Combat...
    Miuratale : coming 2024
  • does ork run on free version
  • of makinom
  • thx but where do i find the rpg stuff in ork
  • ORK Framework is the RPG stuff.

    I'd highly recommend following the game tutorials from start to finish and you'll learn the basics and many of the RPG mechanics that are available in ORK.
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