Any one have issues with sorting between an ORK GUI and a Custom GUI?

I have a custom Options window. It is called just fine from the ORK escape menu (in game menu). BUT, the menu stays in front of the options window. Only happens on builds. I don't see the problem while in the editor.

I set the Display order for the Options window to 1. I see ORK's GUI is set to 0. My understanding for sorting within Unity's new GUI system was higher numbered display order renders above a lower number.

Also, is there a way to set a custom GUI to ORK's GUI layers? That would probably solve my issue.
  • Are you also using new UI in ORK? I think the legacy GUI will always be drawn on top of the new UI.

    You can put things on ORK's GUI layers by getting their game objects and parenting your stuff on them, e.g.:
    _ORK/_ORKCanvas/Layer 0: LayerName would be the game object (and path to child object) of the first layer (ID/index 0), LayerName would be the name you defined for the layer.
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