I have a question about weapons-level settings-init game event.

Currently, the init game event is set only in the level 1 setting of the weapons index of my game.
(Give default status to weapon)

When obtaining a weapon by defeating a monster, the (Level 1 weapon) init event is triggered.
And save the game.
1. When loading the game, does the "init Game event" fire if there is a level 1 weapon in the inventory?
(The init Game event should be fired only once. It should only fire when it gets from a monster, it should not fire when the game is loaded.)

In the help text of the init game event, the meaning of "when creating an instance of this equipment, game event is started" is not well understood.

Isn't the meaning of "when creating an instance of this equipment" two things?
When loading a game and getting it from a monster (in-game)

However, if the weapon's init event is triggered when loading, the status will change each time.

I am not sure how the internal logic works.

How do I get the init event to fire only when an item is created (not when loading save data)?
  • The init game event is only executed when the weapon instance is created initially, i.e. not on level up of the weapon or when loading a save game.
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