I am attempting to use an ORK event to handle different effects based on a target's defense attribute value. I am using the Check Status Node with the combatant being the Actor > Target. It works correctly for one target, but when an ability that targets multiple combatants is used, any check for defense attributes being a set type fails because all combatants are checked at the same time and the combatants are generally different in terms of defense attributes.

Is there a way to loop through all targeted combatants and check their values separately in the event?
  • There are 2 ways to do it - selected data or combatant events.

    Selected Data
    Here you'll store the targets into a selected data list and get one from the list (and removing it), doing stuff on it and going back to the next combatant (i.e. this loops as long as there's something in the list.
    Roughly looks like this:
    - Select Combatant node with All Combatants enabled, Current combatant scope and using the Target actor (e.g. use selected key targets)
    - Select Selected Data node to get one combatant from the list (targets) with Remove enabled, select type either First, Last or Random (e.g. store into current)
    - do your stuff using the Selected Data object using the current selected key for the single combatant/target
    - connect back to the Select Selected Data node to handle the next target, the node will exit with Failed once there are no longer combatants in the targets list

    Combatant Events
    This is a system where you can set up game events on combatants and start them with their defined event key. The default events for all combatants are set up in the Battle System > Battle Settings, each combatant can add/replace them with their own events in the combatant's event settings.
    To start those events on combatants, use a Custom Combatant Event node.
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  • Thanks so much for the swift response! The Selected Data solution worked perfectly!
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