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Hi everyone,

I'm using Synthy Modular Character as my character and equipment system at the moment and its great but I'm hoping to add in some more flavor to my game by creating some custom armor pieces. So far I have a piece of armor that I want to equip to the character using the equipment display but it's showing up really wierdly like this:


Can someone show me how to fix this please.

Thanks everybody.
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  • Looks like it's not really fitted well - you can preview equipment when editing the equipment viewer by enabling Preview Prefab in the inspector.

    The equipment's viewer prefab might need an offset, or the equipment viewer a change of scale, etc.
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  • Thanks you, I dont think my expertise is there yet to make the armor but I'm making progress, hopefully soon I can in some more flavor to the game. Ork is great, have good week.
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