Hi GiL,

I've just attached this script into a combatant prefab (not player). I want to control him with W,A,S,D keys, so I've enabled First Person and Use Cam Direction functions. Now I want him to sprint when holding Shift. So I've enabled 'User Sprint' and put it on a Shift key input that is set to 'hold'.

Nothing really happens and I feel, that the combatant just moves at a constant speed no matter what. Horizontal and Vertical axis is just using positive values and I have no idea, where do I modify Sprint speed in events or otherwise.
Is it for custom scripting only?


  • If the control is set up to use the combatant's speed, it'll use the speed setup of the combatant (movement/animation settings).

    Though I've never tested using the control that way. Is the combatant's CombatantComponent attached to the same game object (that happens when the combatant is spawned or added to the game object)?
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