I have an event for a locked door. The door can be either opened through a skill check or left alone. If the door is opened then I remove the box collider trigger for the event. This should allow the door to be opened and the event will no longer be interactable.

Removing the trigger box collider causes the event interaction controller to stay on. I cannot interact with other events as it is stuck on after this. I'm guessing that because the box collider trigger is disabled that the event interaction controller thinks it has never left the triggered event because on trigger exit never occurs?

Is it possible to deactivate the event another way? Using Deactivate After Event on the Event Interaction causes the event object to be deleted regardless of what happens in the event itself.

Thank you for your help!

  • I got it to work by disabling the Event Interaction instead of the collider trigger in the event.
  • Generally, the event 'runs' on the event's game object, e.g. if you disable the game object, it can no longer update the event - if you've got any wait time, that'll block the event from progressing.
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