I've been running into an issue I can't quite figure out.

Sometimes, when using a Change Camera Position node, it doesn't seem to register and the camera ends up stuck elsewhere. ​I've added short Wait nodes before it, blocked camera control, etc, disabled the collision camera, etc. Most the time it works fine, but there's been a couple times it doesn't work -- in both instances, it happens right after a scene change (via a Load Scene node or a Scene Changer), and the error doesn't happen if there's a sizeable wait (about 10 full seconds).

I know it's nothing with the event itself, because I use the same event to start all my battles (using a Check Scene node to see which scene the player is currently in, then loading the appropriate battle scene with a different Load Scene node), but it is only if I go to a certain scene for a battle that this issue occurs. I also use the same Camera Position sequence to start all my battles, and they're all focused on the "Arena" Waypoint.

I figured it may be a performance issue (like, it's still loading the scene when the other event steps are trying to trigger), but I've simplified this scene a ton and it still happens -- not to mention the scene itself is copied from another scene I've made and then significantly paired down, and the former scene has no problem loading with a Scene Changer.

It's also worth noting when I come out of battle from this specific scene -- just loading the last saved scene, no camera position changing -- the camera will start way below the player and the ground and rise up for a couple seconds until it's in the correct position.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas of something that might cause this camera problem?

Thank you!
  • The event only continues after the scene load has finished when using a Load Scene node, so that shouldn't be an issue.

    If it's only happening with a specific scene, there has to be something with that scene's setup that's interfering - e.g. the camera set up differently, like a custom control that messes with it's position or something like that.
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  • Good call! There was a component on my camera causing it (Playable Director component). I copied this camera from the scene instead of making one.

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