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I'm wondering what if I simply change animator parameters for all the animations using nodes, instead of referencing them in the ORK editor. Is this a good practice? Any downsides for this?

Animation parameters will be called using schematic nodes. ORK have no direct contact with the animation clips.
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    You should set what parameters to activate in each animation type, and then play the animation as usual in node schematics.
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  • Sure, you can just play animations, set parameters, etc. via nodes any way you like. ORK doesn't manage your animations, it just plays them according to your setup :)

    The animation setup in ORK is mainly there to not have to define the name, parameters, etc. each time you want to play an animation. Also, to and make things a bit easier and exchangeable via animation types.
    E.g. damage animation on different combatants might require different setup, playing an animation type (via Combatant Animation node) will use that combatant's setup and makes the events still compatible with each combatant.
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