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I have a "pushback" ability in my grid-based game, that pushes the enemy one square directly away from the player, and it's working great. However, I want to make it so that the player can choose a square to push the enemy to - chosen from any square adjacent to the enemy that is further away from the player.

Is there any way to do this? Haven't been able to figure it out yet...

Stevan :)

(Oop, just realised this should be in Ork forum rather than Makinom forum, but can't figure out how to move/delete it....).
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    Moved it :)

    I don't think this is currently possible, since the use range for selecting targets (or target cells) is based on the user - and can't be based on targets due to, well the use range is needed to select targets :D
    Are you using ORK 2 or ORK 3?
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  • Thx :)

    Using ORK 3 (just upgraded this weekend, so finding my new feet a little still!).
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