So I'm not sure if you answered it elsewhere, i'm still learning the site. Are all the tutorials you have (ORK2, Makinom 1&2) possible with ORK3? I understand some tweaking would probably be needed but I would be interested in trying some of them out after I complete your ORK3 tutorials. Thank you for your time, loving the framework so far. Can't wait to play with it after I master the basics.
  • Personally I went through the old ORK2 Game Tutorial and the ORK2 Grid tutorials using ORK3 when it was in beta, and for the most part it was pretty straight forward. There are a couple of sections that have moved, so you'd need to reference those and look them up, and the UI set up as well depending on the section is no longer relevant, but otherwise it should match up a decent amount.
  • awesome, thank you Acissathar. That is kind of what I was thinking/hoping. I know my wife would love to learn those tutorials as well. I have got her excited at the possibilities of ORK and yeah its perfect. I'm just hoping that GiL doesn't hop on here to say that no it's not possible anymore using ORK3 or that it would be really hard or something like that.
  • ORK 2 tutorials can still be used with ORK 3 - just as @Acissathar said, some things have been moved around, renamed or replaced by other things :)

    The general functionality available in ORK 2 is still there in ORK 3.
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    Awesome, good to hear. I'm looking forward to trying them out along with the Makinom ones
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