In games we've made in the past, the player can carry over all his equipment etc. into the next expansion/sequel.

Now I realize that is too much to ask. But could there be some way to save a variable in one game, say reputation points, and pick up that variable in a sequel to the game?

Just a wishful bit of thinking but it would be great. : )
  • Theoretically, yes - but practically a bit difficult, since the data locations are (on most platforms) bound to the game (e.g. on iOS it's depending on the GUID/bundle identifier created when you build your game).
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  • well to piggy back off catacomber, what about on PC or console? somethings like how mass effect did it where your player you created in mass effect 1 could be carried over to the 2nd and 3rd sequels and the decision from the previous games had a decent impact on the future counterparts e.g letting someone live had good or bad consequences in the following sequel?
  • I imagine the answer would be the same. You'd probably have to write up a fair amount of custom scripts to find the old save, mine the save data from the previous game for any relevant data, and then set new variables in the new game in accordance to that data. Not a trivial task, and one that would vary drastically depending on the platform.
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  • I'm not an expert at all.. But maybe you could use those Assets that help you retrieve data storing them online, if you use the same data file on same user, could be doable. But i repeat, im totally unexperienced on it.
    Or you could just launch expansion of first game and use same data. :D
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