I bought ORK3. I'm learning a breakout tutorial for Makinom.
I want to display the HUD at the beginning of the game.

I know that if you add Canvas, HUD, and Text Content to the Hierarchy before you start the game, you can see the rest of your life.


Is it possible to make this HUD start to appear after pressing the Unity game start button? Without creating Canvas, HUD and Text Content in advance.
And don't use Schematics.

I was wondering because I found this explanation.
Makinom > UI > UHDs > HUD Settings > Auto Display
Auto Display: This HUD will be displayed automatically when the game is started or loaded.
If disabled, you can call this HUD in schematics.

I actually tried it, but the HUD didn't show up.
I will leave some pictures of that time.
In any case I love ORK.

  • The breakout tutorials have a part focused on the UI setup where you learn about doing this.

    In short:
    - you set up your HUD in the scene and make a prefab out of it (not including the Canvas)
    - you use the prefab in UI > HUDs to set up the HUD and when it should be displayed
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  • Thanks to your answer, I was able to solve the problem.
    What I had been worried about for hours was resolved.
    thank you very much.
  • I found out why I got lost first.
    At first I was watching a breakout tutorial for Makinom1.
    I found the correct tutorial for Makinom 2.
    I apologize for the trouble.
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