More of a request/suggestion:

Would it be possible to have more options on the Efficiency value of Target Critical Changes and Absorb Settings, similar to other Change Value fields that allow different Float Type options (status value, formula etc) ?

As a use-case, what I currently want to do is to have each combatant have their own "Critical Damage" status value and "Lifesteal" status value, which determines how much damage they do with criticals and how much hp/mp they absorb.

Currently, the Efficiency field in the Target Critical Changes only allows us to input a fixed float for each Target Change. Same with the Percent field in the Absorb Damage settings.

The way I get around this at the moment is to have a separate formula for each critical damage for each ability, incorporating the Critical Damage status value into the equation. And then for absorb, instead of using the built-in Absorb Damage feature (which kinda makes it redundant), I use User Settings>Status Change to add HP to user based on damage done, using yet another formula incorporating the Lifesteal status value.

As such, I have to create 4 separate formulas for each ability:


If I want to add a "Mana Steal" (or any other resource absorb) status value for mana absorb for each combatant, I would have to add 2 other formulas for each ability.

As such, it would be very taxing if I am creating tens or hundreds of abilities.

  • I'll look into it :)
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