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Hi, just wondering if there is a way to change the selected combatant within the equipment menu? I want to be able to switch the selected combatant through the combatant HUD on the left. I see there is a "Allow User Change" option, but it only allows me to use key presses.

Sorry a few more questions:

1. Is it possible to have the group menu action box appear after selecting a combatant rather than before. I'm hoping to have the player select the combatant on the left, and then select a combatant to swap with on the right.

2. Is it possible to have item boxes such as the 'Equip/Unequip' item box to appear relative to whatever item is selected? So for example, I select a sword a sub menu with 'Equip/Cancel' would appear just to the right of that item.

3. Can I have lists separated by headers in my menu screens? I'm hoping to have for example, all weapons in the same list separated with a header such as 'Equipped' and 'Available'.

4. I see that you can either display the bestiary by type or by area. Is there a way to do both so that for example you have tabs in the bestiary for the areas like 'Forest or Ocean' and then sub tabs for the types of combatants? So that users can display Physical Attackers in the Forest Area.

5. Is there a way to have a drop-down menu that shows custom filters? So that we can allow users to sort their inventory by their features - such as alphabetically, or by their level/power. If this is possible, can we filter by location particularly for items and quests.

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  • There's the HUD Click component to perform various things when clicking on a HUD - e.g. the Change Menu User click type will change the user of currently open menu screens.
    So, add that to the HUD and clicking on the combatant's HUD will change the menu user :)

    As for your other questions:

    1) Currently not, but that's already on my to-do list for future updates.

    2) You should be able to do this via sub-menus. It can be displayed based on the input it was called for and can e.g. give equip/cancel options.
    If you use the same call key as the accept key, it'll be opened instead of using the menu's default action (e.g. equipping).

    3) No, currently not.
    You could use tabbed type separation, though.

    4) Currently not, I'll add it to my to-do list :)

    5) While menu screens can define multiple sorting options, there's no dropdown menu for this - only switching between them via input keys. There are also no filters available, only sorting.
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  • Thankyou. :)

    Also just to clarify a few things:

    1. Good to hear, thankyou. If possible, I was also would like to be able to select from a list of combatants not in your party, and then have the option to swap with someone in your current party. Similar to how Pokemon does it, where you can click on "someone in your party" -> "Swap with someone not in your party", or "someone not in your party" -> "swap with someone in your party".

    4. With the bestiary I'm hoping to have the location tabs at the top, and then the type tabs under that. Also, if possible, to have similar functionality for quests and item tabs.

    5.Is it possible to map the sorting to on screen buttons?

    Also would it be possible to have filtering in a future update? I'm hoping to do something similar to how Genshin Impact handles filtering. Thankyou.

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