Hello; having an issue where my Mecanim powered characters don't switch to their Battle poses when in battle; as you can see, they still move, but it's the field Idle and not the Battle Idle. The 3D Playground tutorial only follows Legacy animations and not Mecanim, so I tried to put it together the best I could.


I know there's a lot of moving parts in Animations in Unity so I'm willing to go through the paces to figure this out.
  • Hard to say without seeing your animation setup in ORK and the animator controller.

    There are different ways to handle this, e.g.:
    - switching the used animator controller (via ORK's Mecanim setup Change Animator Controller settings), e.g. to an animator override controller that just overrides the animations that are different in battle
    - play a 'battle start' animation on all combatants that sets a bool parameter on the animator controller to mark it being in battle mode (and stop it at the end of the battle)
    - when using auto animations on your combatants, set up the battle animations correctly in both ORK and animator controller

    Switching animator controllers is probably the easiest way, so a battle animation setup would just switch out the controller with the other animations.
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  • Got it, I'll check those things and if I'm still stuck, I'll update with more information.
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