I would like to know how to create a script to call "Battle 2D".

As a background, I would like to create a dungeon exploration RPG like the one below using ORK3. (I'm not good at English, so I use translation)
・Battle scenes are executed by ORK
・Create the dungeon exploration part separately

From the dungeon scene, I'm trying to create a transition and return system to the battle scene.
ORK Game Starter is added to each scene.
I understand that transition processing between scenes should use "Teleport Battle Start Schematic".
ORK Framework>Battle>Battle(2D) I was able to confirm that the battle was started by "Start Settings" of the component.

Due to the convenience of other programs, it is difficult to implement collision encounters using colliders, and it is necessary to enter the battle scene by means other than user input.
Due to the circumstances above, I would like to know how to call the "Battle" object in a script.

thank you.
  • You can call StartInteraction om the Battle Component to start it:
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  • I used the battle component and succeeded in calling the battle scene.
    Thank you.
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