I have two questions.
Tutorial>02 Start Menu

1.Is it possible to change the font size or color of the start menu?
Even if I edit the UIbox prefab on the Scene screen, it will not be reflected when I run the game.

2.Is it possible to display non-English characters? For example, Japanese.
  • 1) Sure - you need to change this on the used prefabs.
    The UI box prefab only handles the text of the name and regular text content, the individual buttons are created from the Button Prefab you're using (default is defined in UI > UI System, but it can be overridden on the UI box and individual content definitions (e.g. in the start menu).

    2) Yes, but you'll need to use a font that supports it. I don't think the standard tutorial font has any non-english characters available.
    The Unity UI module uses TextMesh Pro for all text displays, so you'll need to set that up with a font for those.
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  • Thank you for answering.
    I'll give it a try.
  • Both worked fine. Thank you.
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