A*Pathfinding script dosent work it seems it gives compile errors and cries for monodevelop behaviour help plz :(
  • any help with plugin?
  • Which Unity version are you using? Mono Develop hasn't been part of Unity for a few years now ...

    Checked it on my end and works fine - which version of A* are you using?

    Also, can you give me some details on the errors you're getting? You can copy them out of the Unity console.
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    unity 2020.3.25f1

    and error is "the sript needs to derive monobehaviour"

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    I just did this not long ago, and if I remember correctly (and we're talking about the same script), I think you need to change the first 3 'AIPath' references to 'IAstarAI' (leave the AddComponent one as 'AIPath')
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  • can you paste me code egzample plz? were talking about same script so maybe im writing something wrong
  • ok so script wont do any errors now but still dosent show in makinom plugins window
  • I think all the relevant script changes are here:

    public class MoveComponent : IMovementComponent
    private Makinom_AstarAIPath_MovementComponentSetting setting;

    private IAstarAI aiPath;

    public MoveComponent(GameObject gameObject, Makinom_AstarAIPath_MovementComponentSetting setting)
    this.setting = setting;

    this.aiPath = gameObject.GetComponentInChildren<IAstarAI>();
    if(this.aiPath == null)
    this.aiPath = gameObject.GetComponentInParent<IAstarAI>();
    if(this.aiPath == null &&
    this.aiPath = gameObject.AddComponent<AIPath>();
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    yes but it still dosent show in makinom ;/ any ideas script is the same now

    no errors rn
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  • Where are you expecting it to show in Makinom?

    As far as I know, it only shows up in Base/Control > Game Controls > 'Move To Interaction'
    and in Ork Combatants' Movement Component Settings.
  • oh right it works now needed restart unity sorry well ty for help :)
  • Happy to help!
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