Followed the tutorial unitl BATTLE 03 The First Battle. However, the character enters the collider but does not trigger battle. Checked fomer setup and I think is correct.
  • Check if the combatant added to the battle is using a faction that's an enemy of the player.
    Also, check the faction sympathies between the player and enemy factions in Cobmatants > Factions > General Settings. The sympathy between them should be negative to make the enemies and able to fight each other.
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  • ssssss
    edited November 2022
    I also met the exact same problem.
    I solved it by following gil's advice.

    Combatants > Factions > General Settings > Faction Sympathies
    Click Add Faction Sympathy.
    In Faction 1, select Player.
    In Faction 2, select Enemies.
    Enter -1 for Sympathy.
    This solved it.
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