Hi there!

Thanks for the amazing work supporting and improving ORK over all these years :) I'm excited to jump back into my project after a long break.

As I catch up to what's new with Unity, I really love the UI Toolkit system. For me it was much more intuitive and powerful to learn and use than the old UI system. I see in a post from february that UI Toolkit support will come soon, what would you recommend to do now for someone who wants to use the toolkit in the future? Should I try to use the UI toolkit now and build my own UIs, or you would say to just use Unity UI for now and convert to UI toolkit when the support comes?

  • I'd recommend to use Unity UI module for now - the setup is somewhat easy via the scene hierarchy context menu to get something useable and all the tutorials use it.

    UI toolkit support will hopefully be available in the first half of 2023 :)
    Menus are mostly independent of the UI module, as they just use UI boxes for display (so you just need to switch them out). HUDs will need to be redone when switching UI systems, though.
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  • Great, thanks for the info :)
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