Hi again!

I was wondering if it was possible to show the result of a simple mathematical formula in a skill's tooltip.

For example, I always show in the tooltip how much base damage an ability does. My formula is really simple: skill's power + character's power.

However, since the character's power is a value that be modified during a combat (buffs and debuffs), I need a way to show the updated value.

Now I know we can show a variable in a skill's description, but that would imply to update the values... very often.

Is there a simpler way to do that?

Thank you!
  • Somewhat - not the formula result directly, but you can preview user/target changes of an ability or item.
    How that information is presented is set up in UI > Text Display Settings > Status Change Display. It can be added in content layouts and HUD text elements.
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  • Ok thanks for the info. I'll try playing with that today or tomorrow and see what I can do.
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